(More characters will be added as they appear in the story!)

Trace Benedetti


A former piano-playing emo kid and occasional nihilist, Trace has no idea what he was spawned upon the earth to do. He’d honestly rather avoid thinking about it all together. He holds the gold medal for Not Being As Much Of An Asshole As He Pretends To Be, and secretly wishes his non-confrontational habits wouldn’t get in the way of so much. Trace naturally expresses many things through a bitten tongue. Better than not expressing anything.

Maverick Donovan


Maverick has a very intense and slightly overbearing approach to just about everything. Why shouldn’t he—there’s so much stuff to do and so little time to do it right. His friends may not count on him to be wise or cautious, but they can count on him to spark energy and initiate action. Naturally warm and kind, Maverick is a lover of people, but can easily find himself overwhelmed by the destruction and chaos they cause (or how little he’s doing to fix it all).

Jada Baker


Having a headstrong exterior and an unbiased mindset makes Jada the perfect person to run ideas by. Or talk Maverick out of something stupid. She spends most of her free time organizing events and fine-tuning her artistic skill through the form of FX makeup. Everyone’s day-to-day lives (and their Halloweens) would probably fall apart without her. And yes, she has band-aids in her bag, Why Did You Even Ask.

Rain Donovan


Rain gives Maverick every reason to believe he’s his mother’s son. She leads with a history of fiery California activism and wanderlust heartstrings. The confident nature of her impulsivity is quick to reassure her loved ones that she’s Got It All Taken Care Of (thank you very much). Though Oliver and Maverick have trained themselves to see past the enticement.

Oliver Donovan


There is a child in Oliver that questions his ability to care for the child in others. The shoe fits, but it’s a chore to wear. Regardless, he’s pretty good at it—a healthy family is a victory and Oliver loves a good challenge. Anxieties are the “bones of the household”, as he’d call it—Bolted tight enough together to hold their shape when it’s his turn to lose his shit. Or his focus. Or his temper. Or his lighter. Or…



Boo is the poster-feline for Stray (and the biggest sweetheart). Since his rescue, the samurai of cats has caught exactly 6 birds, four mice, eight-and-a-half lizards, and a baby rabbit. 90% chance he will fall asleep with his asshole atop your eyelids (and bathe your face with his barbed wire graveyard tongue).



She’s passive! She’s aggressive! She’s got it All! And Maverick likes it that way, because he seems to be the only person she demands attention from 24/7. She has a bratty cuteness that is adorable from a distance. Keyword: Distance.