We Stubborn Prideful Creatures is a coming-of-age comic set in modern-day Arizona.

Trace’s language barrier didn’t exactly disappear when he learned how to speak English in grade 4. His soul, according to his mother, was left behind in Italy after the move. Trace wishes it were that simple. When his junior year of high school begins, he has learned to accept the grey area between misery and happiness.

Meeting Maverick was an accident. Meeting Maverick’s friends was a bigger accident. There is no other way for Trace to describe it. Boys like that aren’t just handed to people like him, and besides, people have better things to do than saunter into his life and switch everything up, right?

Maybe his soul was never left behind. Perhaps it was only kept, locked, buried, waiting until now to give him permission to start searching for the key.

Heads up!

We Stubborn Prideful Creatures contains a f*** ton of harsh language, unapologetic and erratic homosexual behavior, marijuana usage, issues pertaining to mental health, depictions and mentions of self-harm, and vegetarians. Read at your own discretion.

But you've also probably read worse in 8th grade if that tells you anything.


I'm Mickey! I have a cockatiel named Nacho and I love him. I'm currently in art school studying Comics & Narrative Practice and 2D Animation.

I've had the idea for Stubborn Prideful Creatures since middle school or so. Back when characters were nameless and only crafted to help me cope with things. I'm twenty now. Six years is a long time to kindle a tiny fire (I'm pleasantly surprised it's lasted this long). This is a very large part of my heart that I'm excited to share with people!!!

For my friends, my family, the passerby faces who have touched me in some way. I hope I can capture your spirit.

Thank you for fueling what I live for.

I love you, I love you, I love you.